Terramechanics and Off-Road Vehicle Engineering

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Firstedition 1989
Secondedition 2010
Chapter 1 Introduction  -Chapter 2   Modelling of Terrain Behaviour -   Chapter 3  Measurement of  Terrain Properties - Chapter 4 Characterization of the Response of Terrains to Normal and Repetitive Loadings - Chapter 5 Characterization of the Shearing Behaviour of Terrains - Chapter 6  Performance of Off-Road Vehicles Chapter 7 Methods for Evaluating Tracked Vehicle Performance  -Chapter 8 Computer-Aided Method NTVPM for Evaluating the Performance of Vehicles with Flexible Tracks - Chapter 9 Applications of the Computer-Aided  Method NTVPM to Parametric Analysis of  Vehicles with Flexible Tracks-  Chapter 10 Computer-Aided Method RTVPM for  Evaluating the Performance of Vehicles  with Long-Pitch Link Tracks - Chapter 11 Methods for Evaluating Wheeled  Vehicle Performance -Chapter 12 Computer-Aided  Method  NWVPM  for  Evaluating the Performance of Tyres and Wheeled Vehicles



Terramechanics and Off-Road Vehicle Engineering

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